Kahn Academy

1. Khan Academy
2. http://www.khanacademy.org
3. Khan Academy is a web 2.0 tool which provides mathematical explanation and instruction. The main purpose of the site is to provide free assistance to help people understand the many disciplines of mathematics.
4. Khan Academy was a little tricky to navigate at first. However, after touring around and interacting with the site it is for the most part user friendly. I would rate this web tool at a 2 for ease of use.
5. Khan Academy is an effective tool based on my experience. I watched and interacted with a video that was on the site which was explained how to compute percentages off, such as discounts on clothing. I found the site to be informative, colorful and well thought out.
6. Khan Academy could be used by teachers and students alike. It provides a great way to brush up on mathematical skills when a concept may have been forgotten. It is also a beneficial tool for students to gain understanding in mathematical reasoning.
7. I highly recommend Khan Academy for further review by teachers or any person seeking to advance their mathematical knowledge base. Khan Academy would be an effective tool for teachers in the classroom and for students working from home.