Google Maps

1. Google Maps
3. Google maps was designed to help people with location and direction. This is a great tool to show the layout of a town or to find driving directions to a destination of choice.
4. Google maps is a well produced product with an easy layout to navigate. I would rate this tool as a 1 for user friendliness and for being a superior product.
5. Google maps is an effective tool based on my use of the product. I have used it to navigate from Ohio to Florida and it has always yielded great results. The only problem with google maps is that it does not take into account road construction so your estimated time of arrival can vary.
6. This tool could have multiple uses in the classroom. It could be used in a geography lesson to show location and proximity to other places.
7. I recommend this tool for other educators as a way show location and to find a destination because it is easy to use and helpful.