Pinterest review

1. Pinterest
3. Pinterest is a free website that enables users to search for topical ideas and yields visual examples. The tool provides a creative outlet for looking for a fresh way to do something.
4. Pinterest is fairly easy to use however; you have to be invited to participate by someone who is already a user to use this site. One cannot simply sign up for the program and use the tool. Since the program is exclusive to members and friends of members, I would give this tool a rating of three meaning it is more difficult to use because you have to know somebody who is already a member to get started.
5. Based on my experience of the tool, I find it to be very effective and creative in nature.
6. Pinterest could be used to generate ideas on how to teach a lesson in a new and fresh way. Pinterest could also be used to find complimentary material to solidify a topic. Students could also use Pinterest to generate ideas to incorporate into their work.
7. I would recommend Pinterest as a tool for both teachers and students alike because it is a good source to generate new ideas.

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