1. WordPress
2. http://www.wordpress.com
3. WordPress is a web 2.0 tool that enables people to publish blogs.
4. WordPress is fairly easy to use and it is produces a good product. I would rate WordPress at a 1 for superior performance in the world of blogging.
5. In my opinion, WordPress is effective as a communication tool. I have been using WordPress to publish blogs for my Educational Technology class and I have been pleased with the usage and outcome.
6. WordPress could be used in a classroom setting to discuss ideas for small groups who are unable to meet. It would also be a good way to keep the class informed about ideas of social interest such as dances, school plays, or volunteer activities.
7. I would recommend WordPress for review by other educators. It is a relatively easy tool to use and it provides a good mean for open communication.

Google Maps

1. Google Maps
2. http://www.google.com/maps
3. Google maps was designed to help people with location and direction. This is a great tool to show the layout of a town or to find driving directions to a destination of choice.
4. Google maps is a well produced product with an easy layout to navigate. I would rate this tool as a 1 for user friendliness and for being a superior product.
5. Google maps is an effective tool based on my use of the product. I have used it to navigate from Ohio to Florida and it has always yielded great results. The only problem with google maps is that it does not take into account road construction so your estimated time of arrival can vary.
6. This tool could have multiple uses in the classroom. It could be used in a geography lesson to show location and proximity to other places.
7. I recommend this tool for other educators as a way show location and to find a destination because it is easy to use and helpful.

Facebook review

1. Facebook.
2. http://www.facebook.com
3. Facebook is a tool which enables people to stay connected through pictures, posts, or videos. Facebook enables users to write a post and place it on their page to share with every person they are connected with as “friends.” It is a great way to announce a birth, anniversary, a graduation or to report a death. Instead of picking up the phone to call everyone to tell them the news, you can simply post it to your facebook and everyone you want to know will be informed.
4. I would rate facebook as a 2 as far as ease of use. Sometimes facebook tries to put ads on your page that you did not ask to have attached to your page. It is a bit annoying to see these ads and to have to take the time to delete them off.
5. Overall, facebook is an effective tool for keeping people in touch. I have managed to stay in contact with friends from all over the US and Germany by using this application.
6. Facebook could be used as an effective classroom tool to keep students and parents updated on what is being taught in class, upcoming field trips, fundraising goals, and concerns.
7. I would recommend facebook to educators as a tool to stay connected with students and parents. This free tool provides a means of communication for both students and parents alike.

Skype review

1. Skype
2. http://www.skype.com
3. Skype is a tool which connects people who are in different locations through video. It is a great way to stay connected with family and friends who live far away.
4. I would rate the Skype tool at a 2 for user friendliness. The only difficulty I have encountered while using skype is having a bad connection. In this case, I have to hang up and start the call again.
5. Skype is an effective tool to keep people in touch with each other. I know I have used skype to stay connected to my brother and his family in Atlanta, Georgia. Because of this free tool, I was able to witness my niece taking her first steps!
6. Skype has the potential to become a great asset in the classroom. For example, a teacher may be able to stay connected to her students while she is away on maternity leave with the use of Skype. For example, the main teacher on maternity leave could check in with the substitute teacher and provide feedback concerning the curriculum and the learning styles of the students in class.
7. I would recommend Skype as a tool for other educators to review. It could enable learning from a distance and foster an appreciation of other cultures around the world.

Pinterest review

1. Pinterest
2. http://www.pinterest.com
3. Pinterest is a free website that enables users to search for topical ideas and yields visual examples. The tool provides a creative outlet for looking for a fresh way to do something.
4. Pinterest is fairly easy to use however; you have to be invited to participate by someone who is already a user to use this site. One cannot simply sign up for the program and use the tool. Since the program is exclusive to members and friends of members, I would give this tool a rating of three meaning it is more difficult to use because you have to know somebody who is already a member to get started.
5. Based on my experience of the tool, I find it to be very effective and creative in nature.
6. Pinterest could be used to generate ideas on how to teach a lesson in a new and fresh way. Pinterest could also be used to find complimentary material to solidify a topic. Students could also use Pinterest to generate ideas to incorporate into their work.
7. I would recommend Pinterest as a tool for both teachers and students alike because it is a good source to generate new ideas.

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