1. Youtube
3. Youtube is a cool site which allows people to post videos on a wide variety of subjects. It can be used for both educational and entertainment purposes.
4. Youtube is a very user friendly site and because of this ease of use I will rate youtube with a 1 for superior performance.
5. Youtube is a very effective tool based on my experiences. I have used youtube for posting a flipped lesson, for assisting with educational purposes, and I have used it for entertainment.
6. Youtube could be used in the classroom to illustrate a concept or to explain how to do something.
7. In conclusion, I would highly recommend youtube to all educators everywhere. It is a great tool to give your students clarity of concept and it is user friendly.


1. Etsy
3. Etsy is a website that enables people to market homemade crafts. It’s a neat place to find vintage clothing, ornaments, home decor, etc.
4. Etsy is a very easy tool to use, because it is so user friendly I will give it a superior rating of 1 for excellence.
5. Etsy is an effective tool uniting homemade crafters across the globe in one central market. It is a very effective tool for marketing purposes.
6. Etsy could be used to market a product for sale for a marketing class, or it could be used to help fundraise for school activities.
7. I would recommend Etsy for review by other educators because it is a great way to find unique items and to assist in school fundraising.


1. Screenr
3. Screenr is a web 2.0 tool which enables audio to be recorded to a power point.
4. Screenr is a very difficult tool to use and it is not user friendly, so I will give it a rating of 5 for inferior performance. Screenr has the potential to become a good product but it needs a major overhaul to be more adaptable for corrections.
5. The tool is effective for its purpose however; a webcam does a much better job.
6. I would recommend for educators to avoid screenr and invest in a good webcam instead.


1. Tutorvista
3. This web 2.0 tool provides students with tutoring assistance.
4. I would rate this tool with a 4 because it is computer prompted response not an actual person providing help. However, if you call the computer out and tell them you do not believe you are talking to a person, then a person will begin to respond to you.
5. The tool is effective but it is annoying to have to answer questions such as what grade and subject you are studying and are you taking a test or working on homework? I believe they are being a bit too nosy.
6. This tool could be by used students in watchful view of their teacher or an adult.
7. I would not recommend this tool for further review by educators due to the creepy nature of the questioning this site requires.


1. Weebly
3. Weebly is a web 2.0 tool used to create and design webpages.
4. I would rate weebly with a score of 2 for ease of use. However, I would not rate it at a 1 because some direction and explanation is necessary to navigate this site.
5. In my experience, creating both an ePortfolio and a curriculum page, I have found weebly to be effective for my purposes.
6. Weebly could be used by teachers to create curriculum pages for their students to use. It could be used by students to display information in a logical format for technology class or for presentations.
7. In conclusion, I would recommend Weebly as a tool for further review by other educators. It is a creative, fun, and interactive way to display information.


1. Wordle
3. Wordle is a web 2.0 tool that enables users to take a topic and list ideas or words that pertain to the topic. Wordle creates a colorful picture with the words and displays it in an interesting format.
4. I would give Wordle a rating of 1 for ease of use and for the production of a unique product.
5. In my opinion, Wordle is an effective tool based on my use of the program.
6. Wordle could be used by educators to create a visual display for a counseling class. For example, a teacher could write a student’s name on the top of a paper and call students from the class up to her desk to write one positive word about the one listed on the top of the paper. A Wordle image could be created using the students comments and a wordle could be given to each student in the class. I believe this idea could be used as a confidence booster and a positive affirmation to encourage each child in the classroom.
7. I would recommend Wordle as a tool for review by other educators. It would be a fun and exciting way to showcase and display ideas.


1. Trello
3. Trello is an organizational tool which enables users to create lists. Lists can be categorized by using “cards” and can be color coordinated.
4. I would rate Trello at a 1 meaning it is easy to use and highly effective.
5. Trello is an effecient tool to create to do lists.
6. Trello could be used by teachers to create checklists for students to help students stay on track for turning in assignments. Students could use Trello to organize and prioritize activities and/or assignments in the order they are due.
7. I would recommend Trello to other educators for further review and adoption. Trello provides a great way to create orgainzed lists for both teachers and students alike.


1. Inspiration
3. Inspiration is an organizational tool that could be used by anyone. Inspiration enables users to create visual displays of brainstorming in a neat format. Graphs and charts are also a function of this tool.
4. I would rate Inspiration at score of 1 meaning it is very user friendly and it produces a great product.
5. Inspiration is an effective tool based on my usage of the program. I used inspiration to create a schematic for my unit plan and it proved to be both a valuable and useful tool.
6. Inspiration could be used by professionals to map and clarify thinking for a project or a report. It could be used by students to help organize a project or create a piece of prose.
7. I definitely would recommend Inspiration for review and adoption for other educators because it is a great tool to organize thoughts.


1. Zunal
3. Zunal is a web 2.0 tool which enables users to create a webquest. The tool is designed to provide a site where students can go to learn about a topic from their teacher.
4. I would give Zunal a rating of 4 because the site is not very user friendly. Additionally, it takes a long time to complete tasks and upload work to this site.
5. The tool is effective in its use, however; I will not use Zunal again unless it is upgraded to be more user friendly.
6. Zunal could be used by teachers to create webquests for students. Students could use Zunal to create a group project for their class.
7. I do not recommend Zunal for further review for other educators because it needs to be improved upon for processing times and for user friendliness. It has the potential to become a great tool, but in the meantime, it needs improvement.

Kahn Academy

1. Khan Academy
3. Khan Academy is a web 2.0 tool which provides mathematical explanation and instruction. The main purpose of the site is to provide free assistance to help people understand the many disciplines of mathematics.
4. Khan Academy was a little tricky to navigate at first. However, after touring around and interacting with the site it is for the most part user friendly. I would rate this web tool at a 2 for ease of use.
5. Khan Academy is an effective tool based on my experience. I watched and interacted with a video that was on the site which was explained how to compute percentages off, such as discounts on clothing. I found the site to be informative, colorful and well thought out.
6. Khan Academy could be used by teachers and students alike. It provides a great way to brush up on mathematical skills when a concept may have been forgotten. It is also a beneficial tool for students to gain understanding in mathematical reasoning.
7. I highly recommend Khan Academy for further review by teachers or any person seeking to advance their mathematical knowledge base. Khan Academy would be an effective tool for teachers in the classroom and for students working from home.