1. Wordle
2. http://www.wordle.net
3. Wordle is a web 2.0 tool that enables users to take a topic and list ideas or words that pertain to the topic. Wordle creates a colorful picture with the words and displays it in an interesting format.
4. I would give Wordle a rating of 1 for ease of use and for the production of a unique product.
5. In my opinion, Wordle is an effective tool based on my use of the program.
6. Wordle could be used by educators to create a visual display for a counseling class. For example, a teacher could write a student’s name on the top of a paper and call students from the class up to her desk to write one positive word about the one listed on the top of the paper. A Wordle image could be created using the students comments and a wordle could be given to each student in the class. I believe this idea could be used as a confidence booster and a positive affirmation to encourage each child in the classroom.
7. I would recommend Wordle as a tool for review by other educators. It would be a fun and exciting way to showcase and display ideas.

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