Skype review

1. Skype
3. Skype is a tool which connects people who are in different locations through video. It is a great way to stay connected with family and friends who live far away.
4. I would rate the Skype tool at a 2 for user friendliness. The only difficulty I have encountered while using skype is having a bad connection. In this case, I have to hang up and start the call again.
5. Skype is an effective tool to keep people in touch with each other. I know I have used skype to stay connected to my brother and his family in Atlanta, Georgia. Because of this free tool, I was able to witness my niece taking her first steps!
6. Skype has the potential to become a great asset in the classroom. For example, a teacher may be able to stay connected to her students while she is away on maternity leave with the use of Skype. For example, the main teacher on maternity leave could check in with the substitute teacher and provide feedback concerning the curriculum and the learning styles of the students in class.
7. I would recommend Skype as a tool for other educators to review. It could enable learning from a distance and foster an appreciation of other cultures around the world.

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