Facebook review

1. Facebook.
2. http://www.facebook.com
3. Facebook is a tool which enables people to stay connected through pictures, posts, or videos. Facebook enables users to write a post and place it on their page to share with every person they are connected with as “friends.” It is a great way to announce a birth, anniversary, a graduation or to report a death. Instead of picking up the phone to call everyone to tell them the news, you can simply post it to your facebook and everyone you want to know will be informed.
4. I would rate facebook as a 2 as far as ease of use. Sometimes facebook tries to put ads on your page that you did not ask to have attached to your page. It is a bit annoying to see these ads and to have to take the time to delete them off.
5. Overall, facebook is an effective tool for keeping people in touch. I have managed to stay in contact with friends from all over the US and Germany by using this application.
6. Facebook could be used as an effective classroom tool to keep students and parents updated on what is being taught in class, upcoming field trips, fundraising goals, and concerns.
7. I would recommend facebook to educators as a tool to stay connected with students and parents. This free tool provides a means of communication for both students and parents alike.

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